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welcome! This is a degrassi blog, ran by a girl named Angel. bringing you anything and everything degrassi. Degrassi is a TV show with lots of drama and a wonderful cast and crew. Maybe you've heard of it? well if you have, and you love it, follow me. I have met Stefan Brogren, Linda Schuyler, Stephen Stohn, Munro Chambers, Aislinn Paul, and Jordan Todosey :D it was one of the best days ever
My top 20 moments of Now Or Never
Dramatic Degrassians ;p



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Ana Golja - 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards in LA 08/16/14

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the photos my friend Tianna took of the Degrassi cast at the creative Emmys. It was great, i got to meet the cast agian. 5 of them came we didn’t get to meet ana though. As always the cast was so nice and loved to see us. It was so fun and I got good photos.

sorry ive had a heck of a year and a half and got caught up in life but i will post more on here because of tianna

But it’s never too late to start again, and rebuild.

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You know, we have a lot more in common than you think.

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